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Because Mac OS 7.6 includes a lot of 68k code, for best performance System 7 Today recommends you install SpeedDoubler 8. The main purpose of SpeedDoubler 8 is to replace Apple's slow built-in 68k emulation with a much faster one, on PowerPC Macs. The 8.12 update addresses some minor bugs and reliability problems.

SpeedDoubler 8 includes other features, some of which are not necessary and may be turned off. The main emphasis of this software is on 68k emulation speed-up.

After six months of searching, I have been completely unable to track down anybody even claiming to hold the copyright to SpeedDoubler 8. No, it is not Microsoft, as they did not acquire Connectix, only the VirtualPC software, and Connectix actually continued to exist for a short while after that.

Because of this, and becuase of how extremely useful and vital SpeedDoubler 8 is to Mac OS 7 users on PowerPC machines, I have posted the full version for download below. If you are the current rights owner of this software, and would like it removed, simply contact me, and request it so.

Minimum System Requirements

Spec Details
Operating System: Mac OS 7.5
Processor: PowerPC
RAM: 12 MB  


SpeedDoubler 8.0 Installer

SpeedDoubler 8.12 Update

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