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Video Fusion QuickFLIX! is the perfect software for people with AV Macs who need basic video editing functionality without purchasing expensive programs such as Adobe Premiere. QuickFLIX! gives you transitions, filters, timeline editing, among other things. QuickFLIX! runs on 68k Macs, and is also optimized for PowerPC Macs.

Video Fusion was purchased by Radius, which later closed it's doors and sold it's trademark to KDS. Because the publisher of QuickFLIX! no longer exists, we are hosting it here for your free download. This is version 1.1.1, which came packaged with a QuickTime reference book. QuickFLIX! was discontinued shortly after this version was released. If anyone with current legal rights to this software objects, please contact me.

Minimum System Requirements

Spec Details
Operating System: Mac OS 7.1
Processor: 68030 or PowerPC


QuickFLIX! 1.1.1

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