Product Details

Open Music System (OMS) is a virtual studio management application by Opcode for the Classic Mac OS. Similar to FreeMIDI by Mark of the Unicorn and Audio MIDI Setup for OS X by Apple, OMS is used to manage MIDI devices by providing applications and the Mac OS with information regarding the physical setup of MIDI devices connected to the computer.

Open Music System (OMS) version 2.3.8 is the final version, and includes support for dozens of devices. Support for additional devices can be added via description files provided by the manufacturer. OMS 2.3.8 works with both 68k and PowerPC Macs.

Minimum System Requirements

Spec Details
Operating System: Mac OS 7.5
Processor: 68030 or PowerPC
RAM: 12 MB  


Open Music System (OMS) 2.3.8

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