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Graphing Calculator is the excellent program developed by Pacific Tech that shipped with all versions of the Mac OS from 7.5 and up. Version 3.0 is the latest version of that program, and you can purchase it at Pacifit Tech's web site (as well as download a free docment viewer).

Mac OS 9 Version 1.3

If you have a computer running Mac OS 9, or have Classic installed on a Mac OS X computer, you have Graphing Calculator 1.3, which can be used under Mac OS 7 on a PowerPC Mac.

68k Users

Feel left out of the math graphing fun? The original 1.0 version did exist for 68k Macs, and you can download it here from Pacifit Tech's web site (scroll to the bottom).

Minimum System Requirements

Spec Details
Operating System: Mac OS 7.6
Processor: PowerPC
RAM: 12 MB

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