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Décor is a powerful utility that allows you to have a large desktop wallpaper, just like Mac OS 8 and later. It lets you place a wallpaper, scale it to your screen, even maintain aspect ratio with cropping, or tile your picture.

Unlike the older DeskPicture utility, Décor is fast (with completely PowerPC native code), resizes images automatically on resolution changes, has fewer bugs, more advanced scaling and cropping features, and doesn't pester you for a registration code every few weeks.

Minimum System Requirements

Spec Details
Operating System: Mac OS 7.1
Processor: 68030 or PowerPC



Mac OS Desktop Pictures

The three archives below contain every single desktop picture that ever shipped with Mac OS 8, 9, and X Tiger (respectively). Leaf Curl, Aqua Blue, Indigo Foam, Pikes Peak, among others; all your favorites! Enjoy!

Mac OS 8.6 Desktop Pictures

Mac OS 9.1 Desktop Pictures

Mac OS X Tiger Desktop Pictures

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