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Bryce 4 is dedicated to designing, rendering, and animating breathtaking natural 3-D worlds and abstract 3-D sculptures. Bryce is a perfect application for both beginners and advanced users because it is extremely easy to use and it comes loaded with libraries of presets to use in your own work. As you become more proficient, Bryce allows you to easily create your own surface materials, skies, and more, while making the creative process every bit as entertaining as the final output. Start to build your scene by using basic objects such as mountains, seas, rocks, balls, and blocks, then assign different textures to the objects, adjust the sky, and place lights within the scene. Easily render the objects and even use the animation controls to create breathtaking movies. This software allows you to edit these shapes to create exactly what you want.

Bryce 4 now includes multiple import and export formats, a new sky lab, and instantly turns free USGS data into 3-D models. Also included is an extra CD full of tutorials and presets to get you started in creating wonderful 3-D worlds.

Minimum System Requirements:

Spec Details
Operating System: 7.5.5
Processor: PowerPC
RAM: 24 MB


Bryce 4.1 Update

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