Under Construction! Wonder which systems are compatible with Mac OS 7.6.1? Detailed technical specifications for every Macintosh that is capable of running Mac OS 7.6.1 are listed below. The information here has been compiled from Apple's own AppleSpec library, with descriptions, pictures, and pricing information pulled from EveryMac.

Note: if a machine is not listed here, it is not compatible with Mac OS 7.6.1.

Macintosh Specs:
Macintosh Classic:
Macintosh II:
Macintosh Quadra:
Macintosh Centris:
Macintosh LC:
Power Macintosh:
PowerBook Duo:

3D Video Cards. Discover four great options for 3D Video on your Power Macintosh, from the economical ixMicro Twin Turbo M8 to the ultra powerful ATI Radeon 7000.

G3 Processor Upgrades. S7T highly recommends Sonnet Technology G3 upgrades for your System 7 Power Macs as they are compatible with SpeedDoubler 8.


FireWire. DV video editing is possible on Mac OS 7 using Premiere 5.1 and a compatible FireWire PCI card.

Displays. Apple CRT displays are very high quality, especially the AppleVision 850. With a Radeon 7000, you can have DVI technology on your System 7 Power Mac, giving you more options for high quality LCD panels and CRT displays.

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