Mac OS 7 makes a great gaming system, especially with high power Video Cards. You've come to the right place to find both game demos, and games that have been released as freeware. Each game is listed with a screen shot, description, processor requirements, and file size. Different games work well on different systems, with the more intense PowerPC 3D games requiring the fastest systems.

Game Demos | Full Version Freeware Games

Screenshot Game Description Download
Escape Velocity - 68040
This game is massive! It combines many genres- Arcade, Adventure and Trading. Fly around in a spaceship and have fun! Can also be expanded with plugins.

7.2 MB
Marathon - Fast 68020
Sci-Fi first person action game. Help a spaceship computer to develop influence over another. The Marathon games have all been released as freeware by Bungie.

4.8 MB
Marathon II Durandal - Fast 68030
The sequal to Marathon, where you fight alongside another computer. The Marathon games have all been released as freeware by Bungie.

25.9 MB
Marathon III Infinity - Fast 68040
Fighting together with alien guerillas and a computer, you have to save humanity. The Marathon games have all been released as freeware by Bungie.

35.6 MB
MazeBall - PowerPC
A truely addcictive game involving navigating through portals that transport the ball you control until you reach the exit. MazeBall offers 150 levels of increasing difficulty, a fully playable demo (25 levels), non-violent addictive gameplay, 3 totally different styles (Traditional, Golf and Puzzle), and a lot more...

6.0 MB
Sim City 2000 Collection - 68030 and PowerPC
You're given a plot of barren land to zone into industrial, residential, and commercial areas. Manage traffic, the budget, and the needs of your constituents, or face riots, ridicule in the press, and eventual impeachment! The "Collection" version is the full, final version recently released as freeware by Maxis. This includes extra maps, scenarios, and the Urban Renewal Kit.

8.8 MB

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