Mac OS 7 makes a great gaming system, especially with high power Video Cards. You've come to the right place to find both game demos, and games that have been released as freeware. Each game is listed with a screen shot, description, processor requirements, and file size. Different games work well on different systems, with the more intense PowerPC 3D games requiring the fastest systems.

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Screenshot Game Description Download
Caesar III - PowerPC
Strategic simulation that lets you create, rule and defend a Rome-era city. You build your city on empty land and manage it while overcoming several obstacles along the way.

18.2 MB
Civilization II - 68030 or PowerPC
Sid Meier's classic strategy game. You start out with a primitive human settlement and guide your people through the space age by researching technology, utilizing resources, waging wars and building infrastructure.

9.6 MB

9.8 MB
Duke Nukem 3D - PowerPC
Kickass first person shooter with attitude. You play a badass guy who kills aliens in central L.A. (I didn't write this)

8.0 MB
F/A-18 Hornet 3 - PowerPC
Pilot your F/A-18 Hornet through 28 unique missions in the Middle East.

4.4 MB
Flight Unlimited - PowerPC
Flight Unlimited establishes a new standard in flight simulations with its incredibly accurate flight models and 3D photo-realistic landscapes. Now you can actually fly daredevil aerobatic maneuvers like the infamous "Tailslide" or "Hammerhead."

13.4 MB
FutureCop - Fast PowerPC
You patrol the streets of futuristic Los Angeles in the ultimate assault vehicle: the X-1 Alpha. Crime War mode pits you against the vermin of the city who control various sections of LA.

18.1 MB
Quake - Fast PowerPC
Real 3D-action with a simple storyline, kill, kill and kill...

7.1 MB
Railroad Tycoon II - Fast PowerPC
You are in control of 34 cargo types and 51 engines as you try to establish a railroad transportation empire.

51.5 MB
Rune - Extremely Fast PowerPC
Rune is a 3D action game of heroic fantasy action based on the mythology of the Viking peoples. Rune needs a really powerful system to play. A Power Macintosh 9600 with a Radeon 7000 would be best. A G3 upgrade helps a lot.

80.3 MB
StarBound II - PowerPC
Starbound II prides itself on being the ultimate space exploration game for the Mac in that it has a multitude of gameplay options that allow you to create the perfect game. Don't like diplomacy? Then trash it! With up to 6 different races bound for the stars, this shareware game might just be one of the best space conquest games since the classic Spaceward Ho!

16.1 MB
Tomb Raider - Fast PowerPC
The game that introduced Lara Croft to the world. This demo version includes the second level.

2.8 MB
Virtual Pool - PowerPC
Virtual Pool was the most advanced pool simulation available. Using a real-time 3D environment, you can view all the angles and make almost any shot possible in real pool.

1.4 MB
Virtual Wings - Fast PowerPC
Virtual Wings is an ultrarealistic flight simulator that puts you in the cockpit of a high-performance airplane. From takeoff to landing, Virtual Wings simulates every aspect of real flight. This program is optimized to take advantage of 3D graphic acceleration cards, though it does not require one. The demo is limited to four minutes of flight and only allows you to try the first four scenarios.

6.6 MB
Warcraft II - 68040
A sequel to the popular real-time strategy game Warcraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in December of 1995. Users play as either orcs or humans in a fantasy medieval world full of swords and sorcery.

13.1 MB

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