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System 7 Today recommends Netscape 4.8 for your web browsing needs. It is the best combination of stability and performance. It also includes a web page editor and an email client. With CSS turned off, it is the fastest browser for Macs running System 7. It even runs acceptably on the earliest Power Macs. Netscape 4.8 requires Mac OS 7.6.1 and a PowerPC processor. The version offered below is specially assembled for System 7 Today users.

Download Netscape 4.8

Netscape 4.8 and several other browsers have very early implementations of CSS. None of them do it very well, and you'll find the best speed, reliability, and readability by turning it off. Read More

Font Sizes

You may notice Netscape 4.8's default font size is much lower than modern day browsers such as Safari and Firefox. To set Netscape's font size to the same level as modern browsers, select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu, and click "Fonts" under the "Appearance" category. Where it says "Size" to the right of "Variable Width Font," choose "Other." In the dialog box that appears, type 15 as your new font point size. This will render fonts as close to modern browser sizes as possible. Setting a size other than 15 may result in strangely rendered fonts. Trust us, we've spent a while figuring this out.


You can add QuickTime, Flash, and other functionality to Netscape by installing Netscape Plug-ins. You can find the QuickTime Netscape Plug-in in the QuickTime folder on your hard drive. You can download the Flash Plug-in Installer and QuickTime 5.0.2 Installer (which includes the plug-in) below.

Download Flash Player 5
Download QuickTime 5.0.5

Other Browsers

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