Connect to an OS X shared internet connection wirelessly.
This guide will show you how to connect to an OS X shared internet connection, that is shared over wireless ethernet (AirPort). This guide was written with the following situation in mind:
  • You have an OS X computer connected to the internet via ethernet, or dial up, and you also have a System 7 laptop (such as a 1400, 2400, 5300, or 3400) and want to have a wireless connection with a WaveLAN-based PC card. These cards include the Lucent WaveLAN Silver/Gold cards, and the Proxim Orinoco Silver/Gold cards. Do not use Bronze cards, or third-party branded cards such as Dell TrueMobiles. They do not work with the Mac OS 7 drivers.
Note: This should also work if you have a System 7 desktop connected via ethernet and hub to a OS X computer that is receiving wireless, and you want to share that connection. Just flip the "to" and "from" settings, and skip all the wireless card setup stuff. If anyone has tried this and can confirm it either way, that would be great.

Before you start, be sure to download and install all the recommneded updates from the Important Updates page and the appropriate drivers for your WaveLAN-based wireless card if you wish to use wireless. Restart after all updates are installed.
Step 1
On your OS X computer, make sure you are connected to the internet. Open up System Preferences, choose "Sharing", and click on the "Internet" tab. From the drop down menu, choose which already existing Internet connection you would like to share. Then, place a check box next to "AirPort", and then choose "AirPort Options..."

Step 2
In the dialog that appears, type a name for your AirPort network. Keep it short and simple. I'll use "Guest" for this example. Click OK.

Step 3
Now click "Start" and you should see the message "Internet Sharing is On." Close System Preferences.

Step 4
Now, on your System 7 machine, you have to enable AppleTalk over Ethernet to be able to modify your wireless card's settings (it's kindof bizzare, but not really tough). First make sure that you're WaveLAN card is inserted and recognized on the desktop. Choose the "AppleTalk" Control Panel from the Apple Menu. Click "Yes" if it asks whether or not to enable AppleTalk (you can disable it later). From the drop-down menu that appears, choose "Ethernet". Close the control Panel. You should now see a light appear on the end of your wireless card.

Step 5
Now choose "WaveLAN Setup" from the Control Panels in your Apple Menu. In the box labeled "WaveLAN Network Name" type in the name you gave your OS X shared AirPort network. After this step, close the WaveLAN control Panel. Restart your computer.

Step 6
When your computer restarts, open the TCP/IP Control Panel from the Apple Menu. Agree if it asks you to enable TCP/IP. Set "Connect via:" to "Ethernet", and "Configure:" to "Using DHCP Server." Close the window.

Congratulations, you should now have wireless internet on your System 7 PowerBook, shared to you by your OS X computer. If you find stability issues while running internet applications, go back to the TCP/IP Control Panel, choose "User Mode..." from the Edit Menu, and choose "Advanced." Click OK. Click the "Options..." button at the bottom of the TCP/IP Control Panel window, and unselect "Load only when needed." This will keep TCP/IP active at all times, preventing the wireless card from shutting off, which may cause stability issues on some machines.

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