Connect to an OS X file server.
It is perfectly possible for a System 7 Mac to connect to your current OS X machine and share files. This tutorial will show you how.

First, be sure to download and install the Open Transport 1.1.2 and AppleShare 3.8.3 updates. I also strongly suggest you install the System 7.6.1 update if you haven't already, as well. You can find these at the Important Updates page. Restart after all updates.
Step 1

On your OS X computer, make sure Personal File sharing is enabled, under the "Sharing" tab in System Preferences. Note your computer's IP address at the bottom, as well as the Computer Name, toward the top.

Step 2

Back on your System 7 machine, select Apple Menu -> Chooser. Click on AppleShare. If you see your OS X computer listed under "Select a file server:" click on it and click OK. If not, click on "Server IP Address...", enter the IP address you noted from above, and click OK.

Step 3

You will be presented with an authentication choice dialog. Choose "Encrypted Password" and click OK. Note: If "Encrypted Password" does not work, choose "Apple Standard VAMs."

Step 4

In the next dialog, type in your OS X log in name, and your password (if you have one) an click OK.


A dialog will appear listing your OS X users, along with your hard drives and any nother media (CDs, etc...) you may have inserted in your OS X machine. Choose which one you want to access, and click OK. Your choice will appear on the desktop. You can now open it and access your files!

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