Explanation of Mac OS 7.6 Install Packages

Be sure to chose "Custom Install" when you are first presented with a list of install options. This will expand the list further, so you can fine-tune your installation. If you have install packages not included in the below list, then you probably have a CD tied to a specific machine, rather than a general purpose CD (most commonly for a clone maker, such as Power Computing).

Mac OS 7.6.1 Update
| Recommended

This may or may not be an option presented to you, depending on which version of the Mac OS 7.6 install CD you have. If you do have it, be sure to install this. If you don't, you can download it from this web site's Important Updates page.

OpenDoc | Not Recommended

OpenDoc was a little-supported software concept developed by Apple, where applications were made up of "parts" that could all interchange with each other. Few applications were developed to make use of this, the most notable being Cyberdog. Do not install this unless you know what it is and are absolutely sure you want it.

OpenDoc Essentials | Not Recommended

Install only with the above.

QuickDraw 3D | Recommended

QuickDraw 3D is a system extension that manages 3D content on your computer. Many games and some applications (such as Graphing Calculator) make use of this and it is highly recommended. This is PowerPC only. QuickDraw 3D was later incorporated into QuickTime. Installing QuickTime 5 will update QuickDraw 3D to the latest version.

MacLinkPlus | Recommended

File conversion utility, for when you receive files from a PC that you're Mac cannot natively recognize. A good idea to install.

Apple Remote Access Client | Only if Needed

Allows you to connect to another Mac over dial-up, to access files on that machine. Install only if you know how to use it and have a machine to connect to.

Cyberdog | Not Recommended

Cyberdog is a very out-of-date browser (last updated 1998) that runs within the OpenDoc framework.

Open Transport PPP | Only if Needed

Needed if you intend to connect to the internet via dial-up.

English Text-To-Speech | Recommended

The system extension that makes your Mac talk.

QuickDraw GX | Not Recommended

Provides extra text display and printing abilities to the Mac OS. Unfortuantely, this seems to mess up later versions QuickDraw 3D, which is significantly more important. Do not install this unless you really know what it is and really want it.

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