Disk Tools (Boot Floppies)

Under certain circumstances you may find yourself needing to boot from a floppy disk. The Disk Tools floppy images below will allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • Partition a hard drive.
  • Initialize (Format) a hard drive.
  • Verify & Repair a damaged or corrupted hard drive.
  • Access a Mac OS 7 install CD when your computer will not boot from it (usually applies to later models such as the Power Mac 9600).

To create the floppies, you will need Disk Copy, a Macintosh with a floppy drive, and the appropriate disk image file below. Download the disk image you need, run Disk Copy, choose "Make floppy..." from the menu, and select your disk image. Finally, insert a floppy you want to use when prompted. Note: Creating these disks is only possible under Mac OS 7, 8, or 9. It will not work under Mac OS X.

Disk Tools 1
| Download

  • This disk will boot any Mac that originally shipped with a 68040 processor with SCSI hard drive.

Disk Tools 2* | Download

  • This disk will boot any Mac that originally shipped with a PowerPC 601, 603, or 604 processor, as well as a 68040 processor with IDE hard drive.

To boot from the floppies, insert them before powering up or restarting your computer. Your computer should then boot from the floppy. Both floppies contain Disk First Aid and Drive Setup Lite. Disk First Aid can be used to verify and repair a damaged hard drive. Drive Setup Lite can be used to partition and format (initialize) a hard drive.

*This disk has actually been modified by System 7 Today to include the latest Apple CD-ROM extension.

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