After installing Speed Doubler 8 for 68k emulation enhancement, I have underlined Menus and I don't want them.


Speed Doubler 8's main feature is it's 68k emulation speed up on PowerPC Macs, giving almost nearly twice the 68k emulation performance when compared to a stock machine. However, an annoying side-effect is it's other "features" that were designed as quick add-ons to help sell the product better during the time of Mac OS 8, when less 68k emulation was necessary.

You may notice
several "features" including underlined Menus, and a program that launches every time you want to copy files. Dan personally finds both annoying, and thankfully they can be shut off in the Speed Doubler 8 control panel, in your Control Panels folder (if you also find them annoyying). The underlined menus is "Keyboard Power" and the file copy program is "Faster File Copy."

Dan recommends shutting off everything except the "Faster Emulation" option, as benchmarks prove none of the other features have any real benefit, and besides being super un-Mac like, they only open the chance for instability and software conflicts (have actually had the file copy thing lock up my system before).

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