was created in the fall of 2005 by Bradley University student Dan Palka, after realizing there were no real good internet resources covering the topics of using Mac OS 7.6.1 in the modern computing era. Since it's inception, it's main goal is to provide Mac OS 7.6.1 users with the latest software, advice, and information available for that operating system.

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Contacting System 7 Today
To contact Dan or any of the staff of System 7 Today members, whether to make a comment, or to point out broken links or images on the site, send an email to

Please direct any questions about using Mac OS 7 to our forums. You will find lots of friendly people from around the world who will answer your questions.

A Global Community:

System 7 Today has quickly become one of the best resources on the internet for any older Macintosh operating system, and in my personal opinion, the best for Mac OS 7.6. The points on the map below represent some of our far reaching visitors across the globe.

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